More Dialogue on the Networks


Redes Cordiais and the Rio de Janeiro Institute of Technology and Society launched, with support from Instagram, the Mais Diálogo nas Redes (More Dialogue on the Networks) project, an initiative that included free courses to tackle misinformation and hate speech on social networks. Aimed at young people aged 16 to 24 years and seeking to teach this audience how to identify quality information and how to combat violence in networks, the courses gave practical tips on the importance of exercising critical thinking to identify a rumor and not pass it on, especially in an election year.


The classes also provided guidance on helping young people to have more cordial communications on the networks, promoting Human Rights and not feeding hate speech online. To communicate directly with this audience, we invited active influencers on Instagram for the #VerifiqueAntesdeVotar (#CheckBeforeVoting) campaign, in which everyone was willing to shoot videos on fundamental topics for media education. Manu Gavassi, Zeca Camargo, Camila Pitanga, Bianca Comparato, Rodrigo França, and Renê Silva were with us.


See more: https://www.instagram.com/redescordiais/guide/maisdi-logonasredes/17851261913348393/