Influencers against COVID


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Redes Cordiais, in partnership with Agência Lupa, distributed more than 100 information checks about the new coronavirus through its networks and the groups of influencers and community health agents created from other projects.

Influencers, physicians, and health professionals engaged in an awareness campaign about the risks of misinformation during the pandemic, lending their image to videos on the topic. In addition, we held 13 live broadcasts that brought together more than 1.6 million viewers with guests of the most diverse profiles, discussing topics related to the disinformation ecosystem, such as mental health, fake news, and hate speech.

Among the influencers who engaged in the distribution of these informational materials were Thelma Assis, Marina Person, Cris Guerra, Tira Batista, Edgar Abbehusen and Bruno Ferrari; physicians Julia Rocha, Helena Petta, and Daniel Becker; and media education specialists Alana Rizzo, Patrícia Blanco, from Instituto Palavra Aberta, and Natalia Levien, from Agência Lupa.


live broadcasts


million live broadcast viewers

+ 40,000

views of the videos with information about COVID