Campaigns and mobilization


The community of influencers who attended the workshops engage in media  education campaigns with different objectives. The idea is to use their power on social networks to mobilize their followers with regard to the causes Redes
Cordiais advocates.

In 2022, we took 29 influencers, who have a total following of 10 million accounts, to spend a day at the Superior Electoral Court (SEC), where they learned and produced content for their networks with proper information about the electoral system, in particular about the electronic ballot boxes. They generated more than 500 pieces of content spontaneously, providing quality information against misinformation to their followers. In addition, during the Brazilian election campaign, we produced the Breathe Before You Believe campaign, in which influencers shot videos denying fake news and showing the strategies that the agents of misinformation use. The goal was to train their followers eyes to detect this.

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